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Medieval Festival Finalborgo
17 Jul

Finalborgo, tour in a Middle Ages

Un unique event in ligurian summer: from 24 to 27 august 2017 – Tour in a Middle Age

Festa medievale a Finalborgo

Journey to the Middle Ages is a fantastic initiative that is held every year between the walls of the medieval hamlet of Finalborgo, in memory of the amazing undertaking of the Marchese Giovanni del Carretto who in a single night regained the Borgo ending a long and bloody war against very powerful Republic of Genoa.

Four evenings immersed in the Middle Ages, among knights, ladies, musicians, giants and falconers in costume, many performances, unforgettable delights, rides and reconstructions of ancient war machines … Even this year Cà di Nì participated with his gourmet banquet of great success!

We have prepared so many old delicious dishes, whose roots sink into the oldest story, but the most sought-after specialty was surely the CUP and the BACCALA!

Exclusively from our Chef the original recipe!


a white onion
two carrots
a stalk of celery
1 kg chickpea
700 gr of cod
salt, pepper, marjoram and thyme q.b.


Prepare the sauce with onion, carrots and celery.
Grind well with a little extra virgin olive oil.
When the sauce is well browned add the chickpeas and a ladle of water
When the water is evaporated, remove a portion of chickpeas (about 400 gr) and shake them
Reach to the base, obtained chickpea, a piece of lard, marjoram and thyme.
Salads and peppers to your taste
Let boil it for about an hour and a half, adding a ladle of water or vegetable broth if necessary

At that point, add the cod bacon and cook for another ten minutes.
When the cod is soft, your soup will be ready.

Serve in a bowl with two nice croutons of bread …
We can guarantee you a guaranteed success!